What is the Most Expensive Comic Book Ever?

most expensive comics
Credit: Erik Mclean

Comic books have been at the forefront of entertainment for decades, giving us unforgettable characters like Batman and Captain America. Whether you are a fan of comic books or just curious as to the price people have paid in pursuit of rare iconic collectibles, you’re in the right place. These are the ten most expensive comic books in the world.

10. Fantastic Four #1, $1.5 million


9. All-Star Comics #8, $1.62 million

Credit: Age of Comics

8. Detective Comics #27, $1.82 million

Credit: eBay

7. Tales of Suspense #39, $2 million

Credit: Marvel

6. Batman #1, $2.2 million

Iron Fist
Credit: DC Database – Fandom

5. Marvel Comics #1, $2.4 million

Credit: Marvel.com

4. Captain America Comics #1, $3.1 million

Iron Fist
Credit: Amazon

3. Amazing Fantasy #15, $3.6 million

Credit: eBay

2. Superman #1, $5.3 million


1. Action Comics #1, $6 million

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