The guys from Man vs. Rock are coming out with a brand new comic, UN-Presidential, and we have your first look inside the book!

UN-Presidential is a spoof on the upcoming elections. The story follows the surprise success of dark horse candidate Kim Jung Un, also the ruthless dictator of North Korea. Kim will enter the election and assemble his team of top notch consultants and handlers and beginning gaining a ton of momentum, much to the distress of the other candidates. And this is just from the first volume.

Kevin Bieber and Victor DeTroy plan to put out four 50-page volumes in total. The book will have a more surreal look than Man vs. Rock with Jeremy Labib on art duties.

Bieber and DeTroy hope to debut the book around March 27 at WonderCon in Los Angeles.

UN-Presidential Cover

UN-Presidential First Look

UN-Presidential First Look

UN-Presidential First Look

UN-Presidential First Look

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  • Kingslayer1225

    excited to see these guys at Long Beach Expo this month. Is the new book going to be ready by then?

  • I don’t think so. Long Beach is at the end of February and they are thinking it will be ready by WonderCon at the end of March.

  • Kevin B,

    Hey bud, this is Kevin from Man vs. Rock. Thanks for the support, and we’re excited to see you at LBCE! Un-fortunately, Un-Presidential will be Un-available at LBCE, but like Mr. Trent said below, the plan is to have it ready by Wondercon! See you soon!