This May, DC Comics will be celebrating “The New 52” line with eleven different variant covers that pay homage to the #1 issues of eleven comics that debuted in 2011 when DC rebooted their superhero line.

The eleven comics receiving the variant treatment will be Action Comics #52 by Ben Oliver, Aquaman #52 by Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund, Batgirl #52 by Babs Tarr, Batman #52 by Rafael Albuquerque, Catwoman #52 by Inaki Miranda, Detective Comics #52 by Francis Manapul, The Flash #52 by Jesus Merino, Green Arrow #52 by Szymon Kudranski, Green Lantern #52 by Billy Tan, Superman #52 by Mikel Janin, and Wonder Woman #52 by David Finch and Matt Banning.

Check out these variants and the books they are paying homage to below:

Action Comics





Detective Comics

The Flash

Green Arrow

Green Lantern


Wonder Woman

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  • tetrisdork

    I’m sorry. DC may have better variants than Marvel and better themes, but this is the worst of the theme months. Some are good, but some of the New52 covers are not homage-worthy. Also, that Batgirl cover is terrible; makes me miss the previous cover artists during Gail’s run (the highlight of her run for me since I gave up on reading Batgirl after the sixth issue).

  • Definitely agree with you for the most part. I do like Rafael Albuquerque’s Batman and Szymon Kudranski’s Green Arrow. I’m definitely with you on Batgirl. She looks like she is lost in space and completely helpless and there is some weird stuff going on with her eyes. They look like they are rolling into the top of her head.