Comic Book Review: Purgatori #1

Creators Aaron Gillespie and Javier Garcia Miranda introduce Purgatori just “hanging” around Hell. Lucifer and Hel are having a little fun with her using all sorts of toys: a power drill, a morningstar, and even a butcher’s cleaver to name a few. However, their fun quickly turns into a fight over which one will be able to keep Sakkara of Alexandria, the Vampire Goddess. Take a walk through Hell and find out if it is good.

The disagreement between Lucifer and Hel gives Sakkara the perfect opportunity to goad Hel into a violent rage. Writer Aaron Gillespie and artist Javier Garcia Miranda introduce one of the most important aspects of Sakkara’s character – she derives pleasure from increasing amounts of pain and punishment. She enjoys the beatings and revels in Hel’s vicious attacks. 

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