Comic Book Review: Brides of Helheim #2

The spae witches’ quest for vengeance takes center stage as Rikard begins his hunt for Raevil. Is it good?

Cullen Bunn’s first part of the story seems altogether pointless. He uses two full pages to detail the fact that Rikard is no longer a man, but an undead draugr. Something readers are well aware of if they read the first book or Helheim itself. After these two pages the history of the spae women and how they became the witches they are, is revealed.
Joëlle Jones places a background behind the panels to cue the ensuing sequence is taking place in the past. There is no need for a written cue because of the visual effect, where the panels are centered on the page and do not take up as much of the page as the panels occurring in the present.
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