Comic Book Review: Escape from New York #1

Snake Plissken returns with an attitude and a ton of Rambo-style action. But is it good?
Escape from New York #1 is an opening issue, but if you have not seen the movie (I’ll admit I haven’t seen this one) it takes quite a bit of the first half of the issue to figure out why Snake is being hunted down. Fortunately, the why recedes to the back of your mind as writer Christopher Sebela and artist Diego Barreto jump into an exhilarating chase sequence.

Snake Plissken is “Public Enemy Number One” as Sebela so eloquently puts it and he is on the run. Diego Barreto’s artwork is able to convey the ingenuity and believability of Snake’s actions whether he is jumping from an Army Jeep onto a helicopter or bringing down a helo with power lines. Each panel leading up to these actions clearly conveys the steps taken to accomplish his desired outcome.

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