Comic Book Review: The Life After #6

Enormous rabbits and an eyeless ninja keep The Life After #6 as strange as the previous five installments. Is it good?

Joshua Hale Fialkov and Gabo take a step back in time to open the new arc; unfortunately it does not catch or grab your attention especially if you are just jumping into the series. It is a rather dull conversation on rebuilding the Afterlife, but this time they will use computers! Thankfully, Fialkov injects some bureaucratic humor in the next two pages.
The humor continues throughout the issue whether it is Jude using a counting rhyme, Hemingway lamenting certain actions he is unable to perform in the Afterlife, or the Consultant’s reaction to an enormous rabbit. Nothing gets one giggling like “Holy fucking balls.” Gabo really sells the Consultant, drawing her in demonic form with a very human “surprise” face, jaw hanging wide open.
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