Comic Book Review: Lady Killer #2

Josie Schuller is back in action and the struggle between her professional and home life begins to take center stage. Is It Good?
First off, I am absolutely loving the covers Joëlle Jones and Laura Allred are putting together. They combine the class of the 1960s with a shocking display of gore all woven together with the perfect wording to put a sick smile on your face.
Jamie S. Rich and Jones begin the story with Josie’s next job. She is all dolled up in a hot little red dress, kitten ears and even a collar with a bell dangling from it. Hugh Heffner definitely had some influence on this issue. The entire club where she is working appears to be modeled after the original Playboy clubs; the only thing missing is the gambling.

After setting the stage, Jones takes over and puts on display her detailed fight sequences. She embraces the kitty cat costume and has Josie strike up a pose fitting for Catwoman as she prowls in the cloak room like a jungle cat stalking her prey.

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