Comic Book Review: Resurrectionists #4

A pattern emerges and Herihor’s power and one weakness are revealed. Is it good?
Fred Van Lente begins Resurrectionists #4 on a light note introducing some humor via an infomercial. The star is Greg Lennox, and the commercial is reminiscent of Jordan Belfort’s The Wolf of Wall Street except instead of trying to get rich quick, Lennox offers to protect your wealth even after you have died. The humor really preys on the idea of preppers and an impending catastrophic event. There is even a short jab at superhero films!
The story switches focus from Lennox back to our protagonists as they attempt to awaken their partners, specifically Mac. The Scout drops a ton of information regarding the names of the Resurrectionists in Egyptian lore and their English translations. The quality of the dialogue comes from Mac’s reactions as he listens to the Scout’s story. He is completely skeptical and believes her to be insane or at least disturbed and even questions Jericho’s mental status. It is great because it is how a typical person would react to the information being conveyed to them.
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