Advanced Comic Book Review: Frankenstein Underground #1

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be Frankenstein? Mike Mignola, Ben Stenbeck, and Dave Stewart explore the life and history of Frankenstein. Is it good?
The comic gives a pretty clear depiction of what it is like to be Frankenstein. It starts off a little slow with Frankenstein in Mexico at an ancient Mayan ruin where he recounts his past to an old woman who happens to inhabit the ruins at the time of his arrival. He recalls the numerous occasions of being hunted, shot at, captured, imprisoned, tortured, and even thrown into the boxing ring with a familiar red demon. He explores how this affected his psyche and his search to find purpose in the gift he believes is a curse.

About halfway through the book, the story takes an abrupt shift from exploring the character of Frankenstein to the introduction of the Marquis Addet de Fabre, a collector of sorts who just has to have Frankenstein for his own.

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