Comic Book Review: The Life After #7

A little bit of office turmoil, a not so joyous reunion, and a journey through some collapsing tunnels are just a few things you will see in The Life After #7. Is it good?

Joshua Hale Fialkov seems to be making it a trend in this arc to flashback and world build all the while keeping us even more confused as we continue to wonder about what is actually happening in the world of Jude and Ernest Hemmingway.

After reuniting Nettie with Jude and Ernest, Fialkov has decided to split the trio up. Nettie stays with the giant god bunny and her daughter while Jude and Ernest are marching through the tunnels. The split doesn’t help the pacing of the book giving it a fragmented feel as Fialkov jumps between the characters too often not giving them enough panel time to continue to develop and grow. He is juggling four distinct storylines at this point. It also reduces the time readers have to connect with the characters. There is an extremely emotional scene with Nettie that you just pass over with the jump to Jude and Ernest.

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