Comic Book Review: The Black Hood #1

A traumatic shooting takes a police officer down a troubled path leaving him scarred both physically and spiritually. How will he deal with it? Is it good?
Duane Swierczynski’s name caught my eye. I enjoyed his run on Deadpool vs. X-Force and figured I would go ahead and give this new title from Dark Circle Comics a read through.
The book reads much like a journal entry being told from the protagonist’s perspective. There is very little dialogue although there is a very good plot reason for this. (The fact the protagonist can’t talk!) The book has exceptional pacing each flip of the page pulls you further into the shoes of Gregory Heittinger wondering where it will take him and how he will function.

Heittinger’s character is deeply compelling and this is an origin story right up there with Spiderman and Batman. It may be even a little better for he is not losing someone close to him, he loses himself. The issue follows him as he makes appearances, goes through rehab, and watches TV all the while trying to make sense of the act of violence he committed.

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