Comic Book Review: Lady Killer #3

Troubles are brewing for Josie both on the home front and at work. How will she handle them, but more importantly is it good?
The book opens up with a lively party in Josie’s home and pays homage to The Watchmen (movie) referencing Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin’.” This provides some massive foreshadowing because this third installment introduces significant changes in the direction of the plot as well as character development for Josie and Peck.
Josie’s character is explored in two different ways. The first is through her interactions and dialogue with her mother-in-law. She is aggressive and intimidating. Jones draws her invading Mother Schuller’s personal bubble and getting right in her face. The second and far more important evolution of her character comes during her assignment. She is faced with a dilemma and makes a choice that will shape the rest of her story. What is important to note is both her character developments focus on her work-life balance and how the two intrude on each other. It is a really good touch exploring it from both angles, work affecting home life as well as home life affecting work.

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