Comic Book Review: Papercuts and Inkstains #1

Papercuts and Inkstains #1 is a collection of three shorts with very different subject matters: the confession of a zombie, the cult gathering of the followers of Bulgeroth, and the cleaning of a cross-time gladiatorial ring. Is it good?
The first short titled “By ‘Eck on Earth,” written by Robin Jones and drawn by Kevin Pospisil, examines the origin of Howard the Zombie and what life was like before he became a zombie. Jones begins the story with a great joke and never lets his foot off the gas. He weaves zombie humor into a number of panels and when there isn’t any humor there is plenty of tension between the characters.

Pospisil’s artwork is impressive; he uses lots of shadowing in his action sequences to focus your vision. He even uses a heavier ink to denote the difference between zombie and non-zombie. He is able to effectively capture the instinctual emotions of fear, anger, and rage.
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