Comic Book Review: Altered States: The Shadow #1

Altered State the Shadow #1

The Shadow is transported across time where he will face an all-new evil that does not lurk in the hearts of men. Is it good?

Altered States: The Shadow #1 offers an interesting premise. It delves into The Shadow’s ability to meditate which allows him to refocus his energy by mentally preparing him for his next battle while also recuperating after his most recent encounter. Through his meditation he is transported to a mysterious arena where the action kicks off. He has little time to plan, only to react, as he faces a formidable alien foe. It is a quick start which draws you into the action and piques your curiosity to find out more about this new location. The quick pace continues throughout the comic and even speeds up at some points. The Shadow faces increasingly more formidable foes and has no time to even question the entity testing him.

David Avallone’s plot is highly intriguing in the beginning and keeps your attention until about three quarters of the way through.

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