Comic Book Review: The Valiant #4

Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera’s The Valiant series comes to a close with many of the featured characters taking different paths. Is it good?

The opening sequence gets your emotions boiling a little bit. Lemire and Kindt decide to push the story into the future. My initial reaction was “What?!? They are just going to skip the climax they have been building to? I’ve been robbed.” Fortunately, I kept reading and this emotion subsided a tad when they returned to the present. However, displaying the future, even the distant future, takes a little steam out of the journey to get there. Foreshadowing can be bad and in this case it lessens the shock factor of a later scene.

Lemire and Kindt continue to create one of the most frightening and evil villains I have read. He combines the power of nature inherent in Doomsday with the ability to prey off his enemies’ fears like Scarecrow. He is the power of nature and fear incarnate. Not only do they continue to build up the pure evil of the Immortal Enemy, but intertwined within the almost non-stop action are large character-building moments for Kay, the Eternal Warrior, and Bloodshot. Kay fully comes into her own and you feel yourself cheering her on as she unleashes the power of the Geomancer to battle Mr. Flay.

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