Comic Book Review: 13 Coins #6

13 Coins #6 Cover

A final battle between The Fallen and The Son ensues as they fight over the soul of John Pozner. Will The Son be able to resist the temptation of killing John in order for him to help them in their war? Is it good?

I skipped 13 Coins #5, but it doesn’t feel like I have missed anything. Parts of The Son are still clamoring to kill John Pozner so The Fallen will have no chance to release Semyaza. Meanwhile, The Fallen continue to pursue the path to power by taking control of the U.S. government through a puppet all the while hunting down Pozner and The Son.

As far as the characters, Pozner seems to be coming into his own. He is no longer distraught about the death of his girlfriend, neither is he motivated by hate. He seems to actually be fighting to stop The Fallen and feels a kinship towards a few of The Son. Most of the other characters remain static. Samuel is a hothead who continues to fly by the seat of his pants and gives somewhat decent commands.

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