Marvel debuts New Ant-Man Trailer

The first few trailers for Ant-Man did not inspire me at all, but this new one has got me excited. It is not Guardians of the Galaxy excitement where I planned a trip to New York City to watch it with one of my best friends, nevertheless it has put the movie on my must-watch list for 2015.

The trailer has the comedic value that has come to be expected in Marvel’s films. The Thomas the Tank Engine scene had me chuckling. It also debuts some awe-inspiring combat sequences with Ant-Man being able to instantaneously switch from ant-size to human form. Who wouldn’t want to run across the barrel of a gun to deliver a super-powered punch to a goon’s face?

The trailer also debuts Yellowjacket, Ant-Man’s primary enemy. It is a little unclear as to his motivations or exactly why he is a villain at this point, but like Ant-Man the trailer debuts a couple of action sequences displaying the suit’s capabilities and do they ever pack a sting!

Enough of my blathering. Check it out for yourself. What do you think? Is it on your must-watch list?

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