Comic Book Review: Summons #1

Summons_cover Hound Comics Jake Isenberg Bartlett Williams

Summons #1 tells the story of Kristine Helios, a high school girl who finds herself caught up in the middle of a supernatural battle that has been raging for millennia.

I am a huge fan of the supernatural genre. I enjoyed Charmed and most recently was drawn to 13 Coins. It is my enjoyment of the genre which led me to find Summons. However, much like 13 Coins I find myself disappointed.

Chris L. Williams crafts a very good hook, introducing us to a very strong and confident heroine who is being stalked by beastly monsters. Kristine Helios is not threatened or intimidated by these monsters and if she is it is only for a fleeting moment. She is focused. She has a mission and these monsters will not stand in her way. She must recover the Book of Summons. In order to detail all of this, Williams uses an internal monologue to provide exposition. There is no mystery or build-up. He is straightforward with how the world works and what Kristine’s powers are. It quickly acclimates you to the world, but takes away the mystery of discovery.

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