Greg Rucka and Michael Lark take a break from the palace intrigue of the Families to give us another perspective. We are once again introduced to Sister Bernard as she travels across Hock territory on a mission. Is it good?

The majority of the book is written from the perspective of Sister Bernard’s journal. Rucka and Lark create huge splash pages of journal entries as well as minor snippets for exposition. The lengthy journal entries give the sense you are reading a short novel rather than a comic book. The font used to denote the journal entry is a little difficult to read, but that may be just the version supplied to me.

Rucka uses the lens of Sister Bernard to do some heavy lifting in regards to world building. The last time she made an appearance we got a glimpse into the lives of non-Carlyle family members. In this issue Sister Bernard is bringing the word of God to Hock territory. She is constantly put through security checkpoints throughout the territory where the guards can be a little too friendly if you get my drift.

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