Comic Book Review: Godkiller Vol. 1: Walk Among Us

Godkiller Volume 1 Cover by Ben Templesmith

Psychopathic reptilian humanoids, seers whose powers only manifest while receiving a blowjob, stitched together hermaphrodite pimps, and a young boy trying to save his dying sister are just a few of the characters you will encounter in Godkiller:Walk Among Us, Vol. 1. Is it good?

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I picked up this book. If you couldn’t tell by the opening sentence, this is a book for a mature audience with sexual behavior occurring throughout. I mean, one of the selling points is weaponized orgasms. Once I got over my initial shock of the graphic portrayal of the human body, there is quite a good story on display.

The book details the story of young Tommy Stark as he searches for a heart for his dying sister. Accompanying and aiding him on his journey are Mulciber, an aged member of the Burnt, a religious order that has become largely a myth, and Halfpipe, a young prostitute who services Mulciber, granting him precognitive powers.

Matt Pizzolo does an excellent job of characterizing these individuals. In a short time, they are fleshed out, have motivations/emotions, and each one has their own initial troubles. Mulciber is haunted by his aging body and past, while Halfpipe finds herself a slave to the pimp Beezal, working to buy herself out of a life of slavery. Tommy, as previously mentioned, is searching for a compatible heart for his sister and has to deal with a doctor who continues to stymie the progress in saving her.

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