Comic Book Review: Imperium #4

Imperium #4 Cover Joshua Dysart and Doug Braithwaite

Project Rising Spirit led by Angela Peace Baingana is hard at work breaching the borders of their current dimension in order to find ways to combat Toyo Harada and his psiots. What will they encounter and will it aid them in their efforts against Harada? Is it good?

Joshua Dysart continues the pattern we have come to expect in Imperium. He chooses one or two characters and dials in on their characterization and development. In this issue he focuses on Angela Peace Baingana and, to a lesser extent, Gravedog and Morris Kozol. If you are looking for a Harada-heavy issue, this is not it.

The story opens with Angela and her science team using psiotic abilities to travel to an alternate dimension. It is unclear what the purpose of the mission is besides further developing an understanding of the physical universe. Once you get past the lack of motive driving the issue, it is quite fascinating.

Dysart flips the script on exploration. No longer is Angela exploring an alien dimension, but is instead playing host to an alien species exploring humanity. This provides Dysart with ample opportunity to include some delightful humor. There is a line where the “Angela Vessel” asks if Kozol will impregnate her in the name of science.

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