Comic Book Review: Lady Killer #5

Lady Killer #5 Dark Horse Comics Joelle Jones Jamie S. Rich

The final issue of the first arc is here and Josie Schuller must confront her former employers, Peck and Stenholm. To spicen it up, it will all be taking place with the Seattle World’s Fair as the backdrop. Is it good?

Josie has gathered her team and strategically placed them throughout the fairgrounds. She has set her trap. Now, all she has to do is play the bait to get the attention of both Stenholm and Peck, who just so happen to be together. Jamie S. Rich and Joëlle Jones use the opening speech of the World’s Fair to foreshadow and build tension leading up to the climax. The opening speech also provides levity, describing the hope for “a happy and a peaceful world” or opening “an era of peace and understanding among all mankind,” knowing full well there is going to be a violent conflict in the pages ahead.

Rich and Jones don’t stop with using the opening speech to provide levity; they also have Gene, Josie’s husband, and her twin daughters make an appearance as Peck and Stenholm race after Josie. It’s a riot how she stops and chats with Gene as if nothing is happening.

After the opening pages, the levity is gone and the comic takes a very serious turn with Josie sparring physically and mentally with Peck and Stenholm on separate occasions as she is forced to abandon the plan and run between the two of them.

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