Comic Book Review: Project Superpowers: Blackcross #3

Project Superpowers: Blackcross #3 Colton Worley and Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis pulls back the curtain of mystery and reveals quite a bit about the ghosts and apparent supernatural occurrences, while also revealing the pattern of the murderer who is headed straight for Blackcross. Is it good?

Project Superpowers: Blackcross #3 does not start off on the best of notes: with a big grammar error right smack on the first page in the second sentence. After this jarring mistake, Warren Ellis reveals the nature of the ghosts who have been making appearances throughout the first two issues. He does so through two separate conversations.

The first conversation takes place between Marietta, a fake medium, and Rob Benton, the victim of a gas bomb attack who is in Blackcross as part of a witness protection program. The dialogue is choppy and it feels as if Ellis edited a bunch of the conversation out. Marietta goes from asking whether or not something feels different inside of Benton to “Do you think the ghost looks like you?” Benton answers the first question with “Not exactly.” If you think that is confusing, it is because it does not flow at all. A more proper secondary question might have been,”Can you see the ghost hovering above your body?” which could then be followed up with, “Do you think he looks like you?”

The dialogue doesn’t improve. Marietta even makes a statement confirming there is a ghost inside Benton, however, this is proven false because the next two panels show the ghost entering him and on the previous page the ghost was shown hovering above his body! Not sure if this is on Ellis or Colton Worley, but these panels are out of place and probably should have been switched up. Ellis even tries to make a joke about vitamins in gas bombs. It’s not funny at all and falls flat.

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