Advanced Comic Book Review: Sons of the Devil #1

Sons of the Devil #1 by Brian Buccellato and Toni Infante

Travis Crowe has an ordinary life. He doesn’t get along with his boss; he has an estranged step-brother of sorts who is trying to make amends, and a loving girl-friend. Oh! I forgot to mention he is being hunted down by a crazed psychopath. Is it good?

First off, Image is promoting this book as a “psychological horror story” that will explore “cults, family and the dark side of human nature” across three decades. The title is being helmed by Brian Buccellato who has the chops to tell a wonderful story based off his current run with Detective Comics. However, Sons of the Devil #1 is just not there yet.

The initial hook doesn’t really hook you at all. Instead, it leaves you confused more than anything. Back in 1989, a man is telling a woman to bring two at a time, most likely referring to the kidnapping of newborn babies although it is unclear; like I said, confusing. It appears a security guard catches them in the act, although the guy doesn’t look like a security guard at all; he is wearing white overalls. A violent action sequence ensues where the woman is shocked at just how violent her partner in crime is. Buccellato then jumps to Venice, California in 2014 and we don’t really see anything of the people from 1989 the rest of the issue.

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