Class of Heroes 2G Launch Trailer Premieres

Monkey Paw and Gaijinworks have teamed together to bring you Class of Heroes 2G for the PlayStation 3. Class of Heroes 2G is a grid-based dungeon crawling RPG.

Players will be able to choose from 10 races and 18 classes. They will construct a party and venture forth from the Crostini Academy of Adventuring Arts into the Labyrinth. There are over 125 Labyrinth maps that are home to more than 250 different monsters. There are more than 25 multi-area Labyrinths with over 100 quests to undertake. While braving the Labyrinth, you will be able to collect artifacts, defeat challenging bosses, and even explore inter-dimensional travel all while working towards getting that “A”.

Class of Heroes 2G offers innovative features including brand new weather effects that can alter the battlefield, and an optional dual screen mode, where you can use your PSP or PS Vita as a controller. Upon using your PSP or PS Vita as a controller you will be able to control the action and have access to menus, statuses and maps.

Class of Heroes 2G will be available for purchase in the PlayStation Store on June 2nd for $44.99. There are a few boxed copies marked with serialized holograms, but it may be extremely difficult to obtain one.

Do you plan on taking the test and seeing whether or not you can survive the Labyrinth?

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