Double Fine Productions Introduces Massive Chalice Trailer

Double Fine Productions and project leader Brad Muir have fulfilled their KickStarter for >Massive Chalice.

Massive Chalice is a tactical strategy game spanning centuries. You will take on the role as the Immortal Ruler of the Nation in combating the mysterious enemy, the Cadence. The Cadence has surrounded your lone nation and it will be up to you to wage a centuries long war to drive them back.

There are some interesting game play features: Bloodline Genetics, Bloodline Relics, and Permadeath. As the Immortal Ruler you will take control of heroes who will fight valiantly to defend your Nation. Bloodline Genetics allows you to marry your heroes in order for them to produce offspring. The offspring will inherit traits from their parents, however the traits are randomized and your new heroes may end up with some awful traits.

Due to the lengthy timeline in Massive Chalice the heroes you begin the game with will eventually die out. This forces you to juggle your hero party and adds a separate layer of depth to your overall strategy.

Depending on how well your hero has fought against the Cadence, their weapon has a chance to transform into a Bloodline Relic. The relic can be passed down to any other character within the same bloodline. This incentivizes you to prioritize your marriage strategy in order to allow your future heroes to wield these formidable weapons.

Massive Chalice is currently available for purchase on the Xbox One and is in Early Access stage for the PC. You can purchase the PC version on Humble Bundle or through Steam. The game will have a $20 price tag although it is currently at a reduced price on Humble Bundle for $16.

If you are into tactical strategy games with roleplaying elements this looks like a must buy!

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