Titan Comics Unveils Man Plus Trailer

Man Plus Titan Comics Andre Lima Araujo

Titan Comics revealed their Man Plus #1 comic book trailer. The trailer introduces you to Olissipo City a giant metropolis ruled by advanced technology. There are corporate conspiracies galore and cyborg strike teams are common place. The book looks to examine the lines between man and machine as they seem to become grayer as each day passes.

Man Plus comes from the mind of André Lima Araújo who previously worked on Spider-Verse and Avengers A.I.

Araújo’s artwork looks beautiful from the sweeping bird’s eye view of the city to the towering skyscrapers as the camera pans upwards. It is impressive. The scientific experiments are grotesque with giant tubes shoved into individual’s stomachs. One panel depicts multiple wires connected to an exposed almost metallic-looking brain.

Man Plus seems to have drawn inspiration from Frederik Pohl’s 1976 science fiction novel of the same name. Pohl won the Nebular Award for Best Novel in 1976 and was nominated for the Hugo and Campbell Awards.

Pohl’s Man Plus is set during the Cold War era. Tensions have escalated to the point where the United States government has begun investing in a cyborg program in order to ensure the survival of the human race. The story follows Roger Torraway as his body is replaced with an artificial one in order to adapt to his new environment on Mars. Torraway becomes more and more disconnected from his wife and humanity in general as Pohl examines the theme of existentialist isolation on his journey and eventual arrival on Mars.

There are some major twists and turns in Pohl’s original Man Plus and it will be interesting to see if Araújo takes a similar path or if he carves out a completely unique and different story. It will be interesting to see if he retains the heart of Pohl’s original work.

You can purchase Man Plus #1 on July 8th at your local comic book store or purchase it digitally.

One thing is for sure the chick in orange sure looks like one tough cookie. Definitely do not want to mess with her.

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