The Green Blaze Saves Denver

You may have heard of Batkid saving the city of San Francisco from the likes of Penguin in his sweet Batkid Lamborghini. However, Make A Wish Colorado has introduced a new superhero to the world, The Green Blaze. Last Saturday, June 6, The Green Blaze was on patrol in the Mile Hi city protecting it from the evil Red Villains.

The Green Blaze, also known as Jack, is a seven year old with a genetic disorder identified as spinal muscular atrophy. The disorder keeps him bound to a wheelchair. He turned this weakness into a strength as he zoomed around in his wheelchair to confront the red villains.

The Green Blaze rescues the Denver Broncos

Photo courtesy of Kelly Sommariva

He was aided by his sidekick Wilikog (Jack’s sister) in saving bus riders at Union Station in downtown Denver. Not only were the Red Villains holding up the bus, but they had stolen the key to the city! The Green Blaze came to the rescue. He used his homemade paralyzing guns to easily subdue the Red Villains. One shot and they were practically turned to stone. However, he gave a couple of the villains a few extra shots for good measure. After the villains were subdued, he attended to freeing the bus riders and securing the key to the city!

The Red Villains, played by members of the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics team, were not to be outdone by this new superhero. They plotted further heinous deeds in order to disrupt the city.

They held true to their promise. The Green Blaze combated the Red Villains at the Chalk Art Festival at Denver’s Larimer Square. The Green Blaze went on to rescue two Denver Broncos. Assisting him in rescuing the two Broncos was Jack’s favorite player, Emmanuel Sanders, and Miles, the Broncos mascot. Linebacker Danny Tevathan and defensive end Lerentee McCray were tied together, but The Green Blaze tore apart their bindings, freeing them!

The Green Blaze versus the Red Villains

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Sommariva

In his final bout with the Red Villains, he freed Corey Rose, the local NBC 9News anchor. He tracked the Red Villains to the local MusclePharm gym. The Red Villains attempted to use the gym equipment to elude The Green Blaze, but as they were climbing over a wall The Green Blaze was able to zap them with one of his paralyzing guns.

After all of his heroics, The Green Blaze was made an honorary Colorado State Trooper. One question remains in our minds. Will The Green Blaze team up with Batkid to form the Wish League to combat evil across the United States? Maybe they will be joined by Wondergirl and Superkid?