Go home Social Justice Warriors (SJW). You’re drunk.

Airboy is a unique project from James Robinson and Greg Hinkle in which they portray themselves as characters in a weird, multi-verse comic book story. It’s a meta story, about a dark time in their lives, where they admit to being crappy people.

In the last issue, Airboy, a character from the 1940’s, has suddenly found himself in our time. He joins James and Greg in an excursion to a bar that’s popular with transexuals. He hooks up with a person whom he believes is a woman in the bathroom, and is upset to find out that she has a penis.

Because of this, people on the internet say it needs to be pulled from the shelves.

One wonders what they propose be done with the books once they are yanked from comic shops. Perhaps a bunch of whiners on the internet could make a big pile and burn them. At least they would be mimicking those for whom they are intellectual successors.

Look, I get it. It’s wrong to be a jerk to people because they are transexual. But freaking out over a character that lived 70 years ago behaving like most people would from that time isn’t going to accomplish anything.

What’s more, I have yet to hear a coherent argument about how this scene is disparaging to transexuals. The book does not paint Airboy’s actions in any kind of positive light.

If anything, the book embraces a welcoming attitude towards transexuals. One character remarks, “I thought she was beautiful. Lovely smile… she loved me. So I went for it.”

But the truth about the actual content of the comic doesn’t really matter to SJW’s. They’ve already bullied James Robinson into issuing an apology with the help of GLAAD. It’ll be interesting to see how far the publisher, Image Comics, goes to appease these few, but loud voices that are denouncing the comic.

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