Marvel Debuts Second Ant-Man Trailer

Marvel has unveiled the latest trailer for their upcoming movie Ant-Man. The trailer has a number of scenes from the first trailer. They included the Thomas the Tank Engine scene as well as Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne teaching Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man how to punch. These are just as funny as the first time around and continue to highlight the not-so-serious tone the movie seems to be going for.

They expand on this theme with a couple of new scenes. One particular stood out where Michael Douglass’s Hank Pym is explaining the dire situation regarding his former assistant’s plan to recreate the Ant-Man suit. Lang responds in typical fashion, “I think our first move should be calling The Avengers.”

Another fun scene is watching Scott Lang figure out the basics of the suit and boy does he struggle. He leaps through a key hole, only to find himself face planting right into a couple of pictures hanging on the wall.

They save the best for last with Michael Peña’s Luis interacting with Ant-Man for the first time. His reaction to finding Scott Lang hanging out on his shoulder is a down right riot. I definitely think that is how I would react if a tiny man started chatting me up on my shoulder!

I am definitely looking forward to seeing Ant-Man in theaters. It debuts July 17th. Enjoy the trailer, I know I did.

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