New Fantastic Four Trailer

20th Century Fox has unveiled the latest Fantastic Four trailer. The trailer gives us a glimpse into the childhood of Reed Richards as he begins to crack the code of interdimensional travel and teleportation. It is quite possible that we will see a story for each of the Fantastic Four as kids during the movie.

Reg E. Cathy as Dr. Franklin Storm provides an inspiring voice-over describing the exploratory nature of humanity and how sometimes it can have unexpected consequences. Unlike the previous trailer, where the Fantastic Four struggled to work together this trailer details the necessity of teamwork and how the Fantastic Four must work together to stop their opponent.

Speaking of their opponent, we finally get a good visual of Dr. Doom and what he looks like. He is humanoid, but he does not appear scarred rather he appears alien in nature with green lights pulsing under his skin. His powers are enormous, appearing to control the earth with his mind as well as shooting blasts of green energy from his hand. Unfortunately, he hasn’t donned his armor or his mask so he doesn’t have that iconic feel of Dr. Doom.

Another reveal is Kata Mara finally gets the blonde treatment as Sue Storm. It appears her journey to the secondary dimension not only grants her the power to manipulate force fields, but also changes her hair color. It is rather interesting this takes place because it appears everyone who undertakes the journey comes back not only with powers, but with physical altercations.

One interesting fact is there appears to be an intriguing dynamic between the government and the Fantastic Four. It is unclear as to how much this will affect the movie, but one thing is for sure the Fantastic Four want to take matters into their own hands and do it their way. Not the government’s way.

The trailer still hasn’t sold me on this movie. It definitely looks like it will have some very exciting action sequences, but I’m not sure how well the characters will develop.

Fantastic Four is in theaters August 7th.

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