The Weekly Top 5 – October 14, 2015

Switch #1 by Stjepan Sejic

We are starting a new column where a few of us from the team want to let you know what the Top Five comics we are looking forward to reading on Wednesday are and why. Hope you enjoy this new column and let us know what your Top 5 for the week are!

Jonathan Ngo

1. I Hate Fairyland #1

Why: It’s Skottie Young, which is a good reason in itself, but it’s also the story of a little girl living in a land full of fairies and cute things…and going on a rampage, slaughtering everyone to get out of there. I’m pretty sure it’s already my favorite book and I have yet to read it.

2. The Wicked + The Divine #15

Why: This is one of the best books out there. Kieron Gillen likes to play with my nerves and torture me and kill all my favorite characters. I can’t get enough. Also fellow French and favorite of mine Stephanie Hans gets a too rare occassion to do the interior art on a whole book instead of just the cover.

3. New Avengers #1

Why: While I have my doubts about the art, judging by the previews, the idea of mixing up A.I.M. and the Avengers is too brilliant to pass. Plus Hulkling, Wiccan, and Squirrel Girl on the same team? YES Please!

4. Sex Criminals #13

Why: It’s Harvey winner Chip Zdarsky and Harvey Not-Even-Nominated Matt Fraction doing one of the naughtiest and funniest comics you can find. Sex Criminals is always amazing.

5. Goon in Theatre Bizarre

Why: It’s better than The Goon. It’s The Goon in a Halloween special with a creepy clown and a freaky circus.

John Trent

1. Switch #1

Why: Stjepan Sejic brings another one of his popular web comics to life in its own series! A teenager with the Witchblade? Hell Yea!

2. Low #10

Why: Stel finally will make it to the surface and we get to find out whether or not her tragic journey has been worth it. Can’t wait to see what Greg Tocchini does with a post apocalyptic Earth because his underwater images have been majestic.

3. Civil War #5

Why: Charles Soule concludes a fantastic run. I can’t wait to see how Tony and Cap will deal with Black Panther and whether or not his machinations succeed.

4. Chewbacca #1

Why: I’m a sucker for Star Wars and Chewbacca is no different. I’m looking forward to exploring this Imperial occupied planet and seeing what Chewbacca was up to after the battle of Yavin with writer Gerry Duggan.

5. Batman #45

Why: After a flashback issue with #44, Snyder, Capullo, and Miki return to Jim Gordon as Batman. I’m interested to see where Snyder is going to take Jim as Gordon and even more interested to find out more about the new villain Mr. Bloom!


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