Daredevil and Jessica Jones Incorporated into Marvel Mobile Games

Daredevil and Jessica Jones storylines and characters from the Netflix shows are being integrated into two of Marvel’s mobile games, Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Future Fight.

While Daredevil was already available in Future Fight, he makes his first appearance in Contest of Champions with the red suit from the show. In an interview with Marvel.com, Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera teased the black homemade vigilante outfit will be coming at some point in the future.

In Future Fight Daredevil now has the same red suit available as an alternate costume. Meanwhile, Jessica Jones is now available to get as a new character. They have also added new costumes for a number of characters including Daisy Johnson (Quake), Iron Fist, and Doctor Octupus.

As for Contest of Champions, they have added a new story line where Jessica Jones searches for Daredevil. In this same story line they have also introduced Spider Gwen as a playable character.

This is not the first time Marvel has integrated their television shows with their mobile games. Just this year, Marvel Future Fight introduced new content featuring the characters from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. including Director Coulson, Daisy, Lash, Lady Sif, and Lincoln.

Marvel has also taken Contest of Champions and turned it into a comic book! Needless to say Marvel continues to push their interweaving narratives on a number of different media platforms from the big screen to the small screen and everything in between.

Do you happen to play Contest of Champions or Future Fight? Which characters are on your team? Are you excited to see the characters from the television shows show up and be playable in-game?

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