Vertigo’s Unfollow Being Adapted for ABC

Unfollow Comic Book Cover

ABC is expanding its comic book universe outside of Marvel TV by adapting Rob Williams’ and Michael Dowling’s Unfollow.

The Hollywood Reporter reports the show will be written and executive produced by Michael Narducci, The Originals showrunner. The show has already received a script commitment from ABC yet comes from Warner Bros. Television. An interesting move as Disney and Warner Brothers are pretty big competitors.

Williams’ and Dowling’s comic features a number of different characters from across the globe including an Iranian reporter, a retired special forces soldier, an heiress, and a St. Louis native. The characters come together after a terminally ill billionaire announces via a social media platform he developed that he will bequeath his wealth to a 140 people. The twist is that one of the 140 is killed after the announcement. This leads the rest of the 140 to think they are not only suspects in the murder, but could also be the next victims.

Narducci is excited about the prospect of the series, “I felt that Twitter and social media had a very zeitgeist-y story to tell. Something that felt very now.This is a strange moment in time, I think, where the Internet has become a new frontier and we’re still establishing limitations and dangers.” He went on to discuss his vision, “I wanted to encapsulate that in a story that dealt with Twitter culture — people have followers, cults of personality, ruthlessness of ambition. And Mike Dowling and I sat down and talked about doing a story that really focused on how we’re all very much still in the food chain, day to day. Technology hasn’t diminished that. It’s just given it a different appearance.”

The parade of comic book adaptations continues with the brakes completely out of sight. Is this a series you are interested in checking out?

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