Valiant Pulls Glow-In-The-Dark Ninjak Covers


Valiant is pulling their glow-in-the-dark Ninjak covers for Ninjak #10, Ninjak #11, and Ninjak #12. They are replacing them with upgraded, high-quality cover stock. In light of these changes, Valiant is making Ninjak #10 orders fully refundable for retailers who were expecting glow-in-the-dark covers. Retailers who had previously qualified for returnability based on qualifying incentives will be receiving an extra 5% discount on their orders for Ninjak #10.

Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani explained the decision to replace the glow-in-the-dark covers, “Valiant’s number one priority is the quality of our content and this is one rare instance where the manufacturing process was unable to satisfactorily capture what we had envisioned.” He further went on to display his own disappointment, “Many fans, retailers, creators, and Valiant staff alike were looking forward to “Operation Deadside’s” glow-in-the-dark covers – a first in Valiant history. Unfortunately, the samples just didn’t live up to expectations and rather than release something that fell beneath our standard of quality, we’re upgrading the covers all around to give fans an equally weighty and every bit as exciting reading experience come December.”

“Operation Deadside” is a four-part story arc beginning in Ninjak #10 that sends Ninjak along with Punk Mambo into a parallel dimension called Deadside. Their mission is to rescue Punk Mambo’s former teammates who had previously been sent into Deadside.

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