The Weekly Top 5 – November 25, 2015

Saga #31 Cover

Marvel continues to roll out new #1s with Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur and DC sees the release of the highly anticipated Dark Knight III: The Master Race. However, the Big 2 aren’t all that we are reading with Saga and Will Eisner’s The Spirit making it on our lists! What are you looking forward to reading this week? Are you going to have time between turkey and family?

Jonathan Ngo

1. Saga #31

Why: It’s back!!! The most thrilling comic book of the last few years has finally returned. I know, I know, picking Saga is too obvious and easy but there’s a reason it’s so popular. Vaughan and Staples are masters doing a flawless comic.

2. Chew #52

Why: The end gets closer and closer and this issue will answer one of the oldest mysteries on the series. You can’t miss this one.

3. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1

Why: Not sure why they needed to gender-switch Moon Boy, but give me anything with Devil Dinosaur and I’m a happy reader.

4. Inuyashiki Vol.2

Why: Yes, a Manga for a change. Inuyashiki is the story of an old salary man with a family that hates him, a boring life and nothing to live for. Until he gets hit by a meteor, rebuilt by aliens, and finds himself with super powers. How will he use them? Good? Evil? Check it out!

5. Batman 66 Meets the Green Hornet TPB

Why: If you know the podcast Hollywood Babble-On by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman, you know about this comic. The director Smith and radio host Garman payed homage to the TV show of their childhood in a very satisfying and wacky comic book adventure.

Tim Jousma

1. The Amazing Spider-Man 666-670 (Spider Island Story)

Why: The cover is really intriguing. The Statue of Liberty has a Spider-Man mask so I wanted to see what the Spider Island story was about. I’ll have the reviews over on The Jousma Files!

John Trent

1. Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1

Why: Frank Miller returns to Batman to see him face off against the master race. Can’t wait to see what this entails. One thing is for sure it will probably piss a bunch of people off. Something Frank takes pride in!

2. Darth Vader #13

Why: After a fantastic new arc jump-started by Jason Aaron in Vader Down, I am excited to see where it leads and how Vader will deal with an impending assault by Rebel forces.

3. Switch #2

Why: I absolutely love Stjepan Sejic’s work and the first issue was good. I look forward to seeing this story progress and learning more about the Darkness and the Angelus.

4. Will Eisner’s The Spirit #5

Why: This has been a blast to read and has really innovated when it comes to lettering. It’s great storytelling with good artwork. It’s also Matt Wagner, who I believe is a must read for any comics connoisseur.

5. X-O Manowar #42

Why: All hell is breaking loose around Aric. I am very intrigued to see how he is going to handle all of the chaos and whether or not he chooses specific sides in the impending conflict.


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