The Weekly Top 5 – December 30, 2015

Rocket Raccoon and Groot #1 Cover

Christmas has come and gone, but new comic book day is still here on Wednesday. This week we are looking at a number of different books with two number ones from Marvel with Rocket Raccoon and Groot #1 and Obi-wan and Anakin #1. We also look to an old favorite with Lazarus and even find a book that is definitely outside the mainstream comic readership with Brad Meltzer’s I am Martin Luther King Jr. What are you looking at that we should put on our lists?

Jonathan Ngo

1. Rocket Raccoon and Groot #1

Why: At this point I’ve been raving about Skottie Young two or three times in these picks so it should come as no surprise that I’d pick this book. Young did a fairly great Rocket Raccoon but the best issue in that book was actually Groot centric. Then there’s the Groot comic which is good but not amazing. Now with Groot and Rocket back together under Young’s pen, I think we’re in for a great ride!

2. Lobster Johnson Glass Mantis (One-Shot)

Why: Lobster Johnson is a very interesting side of the Hellboy-verse and one of Mignola’s opportunities to dip into the noir genre rather than the usual action-fantasy Lovecraftian universe that fills most of his books. There’s still a bit of that in Lobster Johnson but not nearly as much. And it’s a one shot. You’re always safe with a one shot.

3. Last Sons of America #2

Why: I really enjoyed the first issue. It was fairly close to Children of Men in premise and tone, and it poses the interesting question, “What would you do if everybody else is doing the wrong thing, and doing the right thing don’t work anymore?”

4. Jughead #3

Why: Zdarsky writes a great Jughead, no doubt about it. It’s actually more enjoyable than the regular Archie series by Waid. Jughead is pure unashamed fun, most like everything Zdarsky does.

5. I Am Martin Luther King Jr HC

Why: Okay, this one is a little out out of left field but if you know a young kid, any kid, they know the fantastic Brad Meltzer has been writing a series of books about Civil Rights Heroes. They are stories that inspire any young kid and are about heroes that anybody can look up to. Plus it comes with illustrations by Chris Eliopoulos, which I believe is scientifically proven to make everything at least 50% better.

John Trent

1. Lazarus #21

Why: It’s been awhile since the last issue, but I am looking forward to reading about Forever Carlyle as her and her family attempt to navigate the complicated political waters during the absence of their father. It is one of the best dystopians out there right now.

2. Obi-wan and Anakin #1

Why: If you didn’t know by now, I am a sucker for everything Star Wars, but this book especially stands out since I am currently going through and watching all of the Clone Wars episodes on Netflix. I’m hoping this will be a nice companion book for those adventures.

3. Batman Europa #3

Why: Batman and The Joker teaming up and traveling around Europe. Yup. I am still on board.

4. Transformers Sins of the Wreckers #2

Why: While the first issue was definitely unfriendly to new readersy, I was grabbed by how much was going on and the sheer epicness of the narrative. I was swept up by the potential of the story and am looking forward to seeing where it goes.

5. Justice League #47

Why: The last issue was pretty horrendous, but with the return of Jason Fabok to the artwork, I’m hoping Geoff Johns rights the ship and finds some focus in the storytelling instead of jumping back and forth between characters because the rest of the Darkseid War story has been really good.


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