The Weekly Top 5 – January 13, 2016

Legend of Wonder Woman #1

We are back at it! There are quite a number of books coming out this week, but we narrowed it down to the five that we are most looking forward to. Did yours make the list? If not what will you be looking at getting this week?

Jonathan Ngo

1. Spread #12

Why: I got to read this issue in advance (look for an interview with Justin Jordan and Jen Hickman soon) and I can only say if you’ve been reading Spread you do NOT want to miss this one. Actually, it also works as a stand alone, so if you haven’t even read any Spread, pick up this issue then the first TPB, you’ll be all set!

2. Darth Vader #15

Why: I’ve been catching up on Darth Vader and my god is it an amazing comic book. I’m still not up to date but let me tell you, if you’ve passed on Darth Vader, you’ve been missing out. Join the Dark Side, they don’t have cookies, but they have Kieron Gillen, which is almost as good as cookies.

3. Huck #3

Why: So far, Huck has been about as good as anything Millar has delivered. Millar very much wants to get back to the very roots of what it means to be a hero. Not just a superpowered guy, but a great human being all around. It feels good reading it, but knowing Millar, I’m a bit afraid it will soon turn very bad for our hero soon.

4. Birthright #13

Why: I don’t think I’ve recommended Birthright before so might as well do it here. Birthright is fantastic. Birthright is unexpected. Birthright is unpredictable. If you want to be kept on your toes on a monthly basis, Birthright is one of the books that does the job very well.

5. Secret Wars #9

Why: IS IT OVER YET??? Please tell me it’s over! Secret Wars has been at least “okay” and sometimes even kind of great, but it’s time to say goodbye to an event that well overstayed it’s welcome. Pick it up so you can say “thank god that’s over.”

John Trent

1. Ninjak #11

Why: Valiant is putting out some of the best comics around, and Ninjak has been no different. In this issue we get to explore more of the strange dimension, Deadside, as well as discover who Magpie is and see him take on Ninjak and Punk Mambo.

2. Superman: American Alien #3

Why: I’ve really enjoyed what Max Landis has been doing in these Superman stories. He’s been giving us a glimpse into parts of Clark’s life that would seem insignificant upon first look, but he makes them powerful life-defining moments. Did I mention Joelle Jones will be on the artwork for this issue of Superman: American Alien? It’s going to be good.

3. Gutter Magic #1

Why: I really like the premise of this book with World War II being fought with magic. It’s also appears to be a dark, urban fantasy which is a genre I absolutely love in my novels, but haven’t really found a comic where it translates well. I’m hoping this one does it for me!

4. Legend of Wonder Woman #1

Why: Mythology has always intrigued me and I like how Wonder Woman is steeped in it. I’m looking forward to seeing how Renae De Liz works with the Wonder Woman’s origin story and expands on it. I love how we are getting to see our heroes as children.

5. Red Sonja Vol. 3 #1

Why: We get to see Red Sonja’s new character design as Marguerite Bennett and Aneke take over the title. Bennett has talked up this new arc detailing that she plans on taking Red Sonja into some morally gray areas and showing us how she will deal with those situations. Definitely one I’m looking forward to.


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