Dark Horse Announces HOUSE OF PENNANCE

House of Pennance

Dark Horse will publish House of Pennance, a historical tale of horror, from New York Times best-selling author Peter Tomasi (Batman and Robin, Green Lantern) and artist Ian Bertram (Bowery Boys).

House of Pennance is based on the true story of the Winchester haunted house. The Winchsester house is famous for its original owner’s bizarre compulsion to incorporate in it a multitude of architectural curiosities.

The story will take place while the bereaved Sarah Winchester and her workers toil on stairways to nothing and doors to nowhere. However, a mysterious stranger comes calling who just may make Sarah’s demons all too real. Sarah will set off on a mission to wash away the blood curse of the Winchester rifle that threatens to claiim her own life and soul.

“The journey that Sarah makes while building the house is intense and scary, and all the horrible things that put her there are going to be revealed during the course of the six issues along with the story of Peck, the gunfighter who goes looking for absolution under the strangest roof he could ever stumble upon,” said Peter Tomasi in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Dark Horse compares the book to a combination of House of Leaves and Blood Meridian and tells a tale of how fortune brings misfortune as a grim and determined woman oversees the construction of a house twenty-four hours a day for twenty years with a simple motto: “keep busy building or get busying dying.”

House of Pennance #1 hits stores April 13, 2016.

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