‘Ruthven: City Investigator’ Graphic Novel Trailer

Ruthven: City Investigator

We just got this YouTube teaser trailer in our inbox, and it looked so good, we just had to share it. The graphic novel is Ruthven: Citizen Investigator.

Here is the brief synopsis accompanying the video:

In the back alleys of a futuristic City-State, a young waitress finds herself thrust into the hands of an insidious gang. James Ruthven, a citizen investigator, thwarts her murder and inadvertently stumbles upon a plot to overthrow the City-State. But with the clock ticking, can Ruthven prevent the putsch from succeeding? Or is it already too late?

Ruthven: Citizen Investigator comes from C. & Q. Bowman Productions and collects the first four issues of Ruthven: Citizen Investigator. If you like what you see you can find more information about Ruthven: Citizen Investigator at its official website and even pick up a digital version of the graphic novel as well as each of the individual issues.

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