‘I am Barbarian’ Makes its Mobile Debut

I am Barbarian

Barbarians, those guys with the long sweeping tresses, full beards, complete with six packs and ever ready to give up their lives in a brawl now have their very own mobile game!

Orion Interactive has developed a free-to-play casual mobile game to celebrate these lesser-sung heroes. The game is inspired by Double Dragon and Super Mario from the 80s. It’s a retro-style running game that allows you to unlock a slew of barbaric characters as you attempt to rescue the abducted Princess. The game also offers a twist if you so happen to choose not to rescue the princess.

“I am Barbarian” is the first of the “I am…” series by Orion Interactive, which is keen in developing simple and interactive entertainment across mobile and television format.

You can download “I am Barbarian” for free on the App Store and Google Play!

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