Thunderbolts Return in a New Ongoing Series

Thunderbolts #1 Cover
Source: Thunderbolts #1

The Thunerbolts return in a new ongoing! From the ashes of Avengers: Standoff, the Winter Soldier has assembled the original Thunderbolts, Moonstone, the Fixer, MACH-V, Atlas, and a new mysterious character character to take on a dangerous mission that will put them at the forefront of the Marvel Universe with crosshairs lining them up. This new series will be helmed by Jim Zub (Figment 2) and Jon Malin.

“Doing the right thing is different than being good,” says writer Jim Zub speaking with “We’ve assembled a potent mix of characters to explore with big drama, big action and unexpected twists along the way. The new team is stacked with powerful personalities and a mission that’s going to tear them up and get right to their core. I’m excited about putting them in tough spots and letting the sparks fly.”

The Thunderbolts will make the difficult choices no one else can make and will be prepared for the threats no one else is. The Thunderbolts assemble this May in comic shops and on digital devices.

Thunderbolts #1 Cover

Cover by Jon Malin

Thunderbolts #1 Cover

Variant Cover by Mark Bagley

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