Titan Comics will be publishing a brand new comic book series based on the critically acclaimed television series, Vikings.

This new series will take place within the continuity of the upcoming third season of the television show. It will follow Ragnar Lothbrok as he continues to lead the Vikings to glory and plunder. The book will be penned by Doctor Who writer Cavan Scott with interiors by Staz Johnson (Wolverine, Spider-Man).

Cavan Scott gushed about his love for Vikings and the television show and the opportunity to write this new series, “I have been a complete Viking geek ever since I visited the Yorvik Viking Centre in York as a kid. After years of reading the sagas of the marauding Northmen I couldn’t wait for the Vikings series. I’ve loved every minute of the first three seasons and am absolutely thrilled to be bringing Ragnar, Lagertha, Rollo, Floki and the rest to the world of comics. I can promise you the same mix of melees, mysticism, blood and treachery as King Ragnar faces his toughest challenges yet. Who will desert him first, his gods or his men?”

Vikings is the critically acclaimed series from creator and sole writer Michael Hirst (Academy Award® winning film Elizabeth and the Emmy® and Golden Globe® nominated series “The Tudors”) and is a family saga that tells the remarkable tales of the lives and epic adventures of the raiders and explorers of the Dark Ages through the eyes of the Viking society. The saga revolves around Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), Rollo (Clive Standen), Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) as alliances and loyal friendships are questioned, faith is catechized and relationships are strained in the upcoming fourth season which premieres on February 18 at 10 pm ET on the History channel.

There will be four covers for the debut issues including two photo covers and a blank sketch cover which hits comic shelves sometime this Spring.

Vikings #1 Cover

Cover A by Shane Pierce

Vikings #1 Cover

Cover B Photo Variant

Vikings #1 Cover

Cover C Photo Variant

Vikings #1 Cover

Blank Sketch Variant Cover

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