Bitch Planet Begins New Story Arc in February

Bitch Planet #7 Cover

After the stand alone issue six revealing Meiko Maki’s past and her transformation from a promising engineer to a killer, Bitch Planet from Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro will begin an all new arc, “President Bitch.”

Bitch Planet previously detailed the story of a new crop of non-compliants who settled in for their stay on the Auxiliary Compliance Output. However, a small group was offered a chance to earn their freedom which they took despite knowing the odds would be stacked against them at every turn.

In this new arc, Operative Whitney has to answer for Meiko’s death while Kam discovers a critical clue regarding the whereabouts of her sister.

“We’re back to the main narrative with this issue,” said DeConnick. “Meiko’s dad arrives on the outpost, we learn more about Josephson’s plan and Penny’s grief. Oh, and Kam gets a new cellmate. She’s a corker.”

“There’s a shower scene in this issue, and I only had to lay it out once,” said De Landro. “Enjoy, friends!”

Bitch Planet #7 (Diamond code: DEC150546) hits comic book shelves Wednesday, February 17, 2016 with the final order cutoff for retailers being today.

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