Marvel’s Treasury Edition Swings Back into Print with Spider-Man

Spidey: All-New Treasury Edition Vol. 1

Marvel’s Treasury Edition returns after 35 years with Spidey: All-New Treasury Edition Vol. 1.

The edition collects the first five issues of Robbie Thompson and Nick Bradshaw’s Spidey and presents it in an oversized tabloid format. The original Treasury Edition format was 10″ x 14″ launched in 1974. It also featured the amazing web-slinger in The Spectacular Spider-Man which collected The Amazing Spider-Man #8, 14, 42, 72, and 90 as well as Marvel Super Heroes #14 and The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.

“Nick Bradshaw’s work on SPIDEY practically leaps off the page,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “We knew we had to do something special for fans of this series. And since Robbie Thompson does such a wonderful job of capturing the early days of Peter Parker’s super hero career, we though SPIDEY was the perfect title to bring back this classic comic format.”

Spidey tells the story of Peter Parker before he was amazing. Peter Parker is just a teenager and he faces off against Doctor Octopus, the Sandman, the Lizard, the Vulture, and other iconic Spider-Man rogues.

Spidey: All-New Treasury Edition Vol. 1 hits the shelves this June. It will be 112 pages long and will run you $15.99.

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