Michael Moreci Announces Book Deal with St. Martin’s Press

Michael Moreci, the creator of comic books Roche Limit, Burning Fields, Transference and more has announced through Publisher’s Marketplace that he has signed a two book deal with St. Martin’s Press. St. Martin’s Marc Resnick will be editing the books with Jason Yarn acting as agent.

The story for the two books will be a space saga for the modern age born out of the classic serial-style adventures that inspired Star Wars. Both books will be in the same series.

We talked with Michael Moreci to try and get a little bit more information about his upcoming project. He was pretty tight lipped about the actual plot details, character specifics, and the types of themes or issues he hopes to address. He did say, “it’s going to be fun without question. [There will be] strong characters and a pretty cool twist on the type of story tradition I’m working in.”

As mentioned in the Publisher’s Marketplace release, Moreci is looking at serial-style adventures that inspired Star Wars. He gave us a little more detail on the types of stories that are inspiring this new space saga, “Flash Gordon, Wally Wood stories, [H. Rider] Haggard’s novels, Arthurian legend, [and] Star Wars.”

Moreci hopes the first book will be available sometime next year in 2017. While the current deal with St. Martin’s is only for two books, Moreci told us, “I hope, like hell, that we have the sales to warrant more. Because there’s lots of stories I’d like to tell in this universe.”

This will officially be Moreci’s first foray into novels although he did write an unpublished book during his time in grad school.

The books will be distributed much like any book through bookstores, online bookstores, digital sales, etc… However, with Moreci’s background in comic books he does hope to push to get it into comic shops as well.

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