Veronica Fish Assumes Art Duties for ‘Archie’

Archie #7 Cover

Veronica Fish joins series writer Mark Waid, colorists Andre Szymanowicz and Jen Vaughn, and letterer Jack Morelli as the new ongoing artist for Archie. She will take over from Fiona Staples and Annie Wu to put her own dynamic take on Archie and the gang.

Fish is extremely excited about the opportunity, “I’m very excited. It’s a dream job! And like all dream jobs comes responsibilities. Even though I do feel quite a bit of pressure I’m trying to focus on how much fun it is.”

Veronica Fish introduced herself to readers in January’s Archie #5 which featured a doomed team-up between Betty, Jughead, and Archie’s arch-rival Reggie Mantle.

Fish talked about Reggie and how he factors into how the rest of the characters make their decisions, “I really enjoy drawing Reggie because his presence shakes everybody up. He makes good characters like Betty and Archie do things they wouldn’t otherwise. He is also super layered, and not just a one-dimensional villain.”

Veronica Fish hops on board full time with Archie #6 as Reggie deepens his relationship with Veronica (the character), but also is out for vengeance. You can pick up your copy on February 17, 2016!

In the meantime enjoy some of these upcoming covers Veronica Fish has done for Archie!

Archie #6 Cover

Archie #7 Cover

Archie #8 Cover

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