Comic Book Preview: Superman: Lois & Clark #5

Superman: Lois & Clark #5 Cover

In this issue of SUPERMAN: LOIS & CLARK #5, the pair have kept their true identities a secret on the new Earth for years not only for their safety but for the protection of their son Jon. Now, Blanque and a possessed Henshaw have infiltrated the Fortress of Solitude, incapacitated Superman and are coming after his family next.

Superman must do everything in his power to ensure Lois and Jon stay out of harm’s way, including trusting a questionable ally.

Written by Dan Jurgens
Pencils by Neil Edwards
Inks by Scott Hanna
Colors by Jeremy Cox
On Sale Date: 2/24/216
Price: $3.99

Superman: Lois & Clark #5 Cover

Superman: Lois & Clark #5 Cover






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