The X-Men will be entering the Marvel Universe conflict with their own war. This June, writer Cullen Bunn and artist Andrea Broccardo will be bringing us Civil War II: X-Men #1.

Terrigen Mists encircle the globe, igniting the Inhuman race while simultaneously crippling mutankind. The conflict between the two nations simmers below the surface while an Inhuman has acquired the ability to profile the future. Heroes of the Marvel Universe will battle over whether to use this Inhuman’s ability. Magneto, fearing this power may tip the scales in the Inhuman’s favor decides to take matters into his own hands, waging a war against the Inhumans and mutants alike.

“I certainly hope this story divides the fans in terms of who is ‘right’,” says writer Cullen Bunn in an upcoming interview with “One of the things I’m excited about with Civil War II is that there are so many questions, debates, and positions that are going to rise from it. In Civil War II: X-Men we’ll focus on the mutants and the specific positions they are taking.”

Magneto will step into the limelight and use his terrifying and awesome power to take mutantkind’s fate into his own hands. He may be surprised to see who stands with him…and who stands against him. The battle lines are drawn this June in Civil War II: X-Men #1.

Civil War II: X-Men will be a four issue mini-series hitting comic book shelves in June. The first cover comes from David Yardin.